Reunifying with my kids
Funding of plane tickets to unify my kids and I


My name is Racheal. I'm a lesbian refugee residing in Denmark. I recently got granted family reunification with my three children who are still in Uganda. Since January 2016 the Danish government do no longer give financial support to the plane tickets and therefore I need to pay for the three plane tickets from Uganda to Denmark myself. My income consist of integration cash benefits (integrationsydelse) which is approximately 6.000 kr a month before taxes to cover all my living expenses. So it's very difficult for my to come up with the money on my own.

I need 12.000 kr. in total. Friends have already donated 5.000 kr. That means that I'm still 7.000 kr. short. Caremaker (this crowdfunding site) charge a fee at 8,75 % and therefore I am asking for 7.700 kr.

A good friend has offered to follow the children to Denmark from Uganda by start July.



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