I wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left me so miserable and tired the night before

...... I wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left me so miserable and tired the night before ..... <


My name is Thomas ….

 2016 is the year in which in June I discover a wound on the lower lip, which I suspect to be a harmless cold sore.
But it would turn out to be the beginning of my life's toughest, most odd and most relentless journey.

A journey towards the realization that not only had I lost my health and my identity - now I did not even resemble myself anymore.

In short, my disease history

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· 2016 Biopsy taken from what I initially thought was just a cold sore. It was known to be HPV. Subsequent hospitalization in Aarhus where the "spot" is removed by laser.
• Not long after, I get what I thought was an abscess in the mouth - but which unfortunately had to turn out to be a cancerous knot. November 8, 2016, it is removed operationally. November 28, I get full irradiation. My diagnosis is oral cavity with spread.
· December 3, 2016 I start with radiation treatment of the oral cavity - 33 times rays.
On the scans, they discover cancer of the lymph in the throat. Will be operated and drained in the throat. Shortly thereafter, a pouch emerges under the chin, which is immediately examined - again cancer - and again surgery. I get the maximum beam dose and get burned in much of my mouth and face.
· December 6, 2016 I get a probe.
Has great indescribable, many and unbearable pain.
· 2017, I get difficulty swallowing and difficult to open mouth. The doctors are concerned about whether there are relapses - and that's there. Is going through a big operation where I get 6 teeth removed with associated bones from the jaw as there is also cancer there.
· In the subsequent checks,
I get a camera down through the nose - to the neck ... they are happy with what they see and I am declared cancer-free. They then finish me on the ear / nose / neck surgery department. There is no more they can do for me, they say
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My life situation today:

I haven't been able to eat for the past 2½ years. On the "good and lucky" days, I have managed to eat something that is smaller than the size of a pea.
Not even my dear mother's homemade food and good sauce can make it slip through my neck.

Just the fact of getting the food into the mouth and chewing is no longer an option. In my left side of the face, my upper lip has grown together with the gums. This means that ordinary dentists / dentists cannot help me.
My remaining teeth are sore and my whole mouth feels - and looks - like a burnt-out village and for this reason I get sin.


I have missed such a preparation from the hospital's side of a plan for follow-up… this disease has left me with so many side effects and late effects.
The doctors at Aalborg and Aarhus Hospital have saved my life! No doubt about it - and I'm deeply grateful to them.

But their "follow-up" is about detecting any relapse / metacrone / synchronous cancer …… about evaluating the treatment effect and about recording any protocol-related data.


But at no time is my need uncovered -
my opportunity - for reconstruction of my mouth and face.

You have been able to offer me a reference to a psychologist, which I accepted with a kiss hand. When I had exhausted my quota of conversations with a psychologist, I signed up for a male group in Aarhus. All in all, very rewarding and positive. But - with your hand at heart -
no comforting words or phrases have been able to alleviate my indelible wound in the soul when I look at the mirror every morning - or the chaotic and shocking state that this disease has caused - and the almost impossible attempt to subsequently survive.


One thing is my appearance - something else - and more importantly,
is the pain hell I find myself in daily - and that is my faith companion day in and day out.


When I, or my mother, have had the necessary profit, we have corresponded with the hospitals and asked for further help in the form of restoration of my jaws, my upper lip in the left side and my teeth.

The answer from the hospital is,
that the offers they can provide must be realistic in relation to the use of resources… .. implicitly, for example, that they can perform X-number operations on patients, for the same money that you would spend on sending one man (me) to expensive specialists.
I am aware of the necessity of using the financial resources with great care - but can it really be the true picture of the welfare society we care about in the big world?


2016-2018 has been some terrible and sorrowful years.


My family - and especially my mother - have supported both practically and emotionally.
But my mother is no young lady anymore - and she too has given up on the system. She has tried with many and long letters and complaints.


I have - because of late effects - hard to talk and quickly get tired of the jaws ... but I have now sought help from experts in jaw and mouth surgery.
I have had a time for feasibility study on March 18 this year. Regardless of the outcome, whether it will be one or another specialist who can come to my rescue - it will unfortunately be at your own expense.

An estimated price is approx. 35000 euro. This covers the operation of releasing my upper lip,
filling cavities in the oral cavity (cheek) and dentures of the teeth.


Dear reader …. It is my hope and wish that the short version of my last 2 years has given you enough information that you might want to reach out to me and help me to get just a reasonable life again - by donating one amount you think
you want to and can do without in this "case service"…. It may be you could do without the next 2 weeks or skip the "Offer of the Month" over…. I want to be eternally grateful to you.


I will regularly make an update…. I owe it to each of you contributors.
I am both excited and nervous about what the outcome of this will be.

Fortunately, what the future brings I do not know - and I hope that 2019-2020 will be the years in which I "lick the wounds".


The sweetest greetings from


Thomas Keldebæk


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