The cancer is aggressively back - support and help Solveig Sandnes continue the course of treatment in Germany that is effective and prolonging her life

Dear Friends,

How are you all? We are back to ask for your help and support again. We have called upon the overwhelming generosity of many kind people twice before to collect money for our friend Solveig Sandnes' specialist cancer treatment in Germany. As a result of your kindness, Solveig was able to be treated by Professor Thomas Vogl in Frankfurt who is a highly respected radiologist and is providing targeted cancer therapies with excellent results. The treatments were in fact so successful that Solveig’s liver was clear of cancer and with regular scans showing good news; she took a 6-month break from all chemotherapy treatments.

However, a recent scan has shown that the cancer is now aggressively back in her liver and that is why we are returning to you all again to ask for donations for a new round of immediate treatment from Dr. Vogl. We should point out that the cancer has not returned in any of the areas previously treated by Dr. Vogl and this is why Solveig remains hopeful that the fight is not over.

So we are now asking you again for donations to Solveig’s treatment. We do so humbly aware that you will all know others in need of support. But we just want our wonderful friend to have the best chance of being around for us all and her family for as long as possible and any donation, however small, helps make that happen.

Solveig is so uncomfortable asking for donations again, but here are her words:

‘‘You have all helped me so much already that I’m embarrassed to ask for more. Yet the alternative is worse. As you might  imagine, I have been considering my options at this point. I have asked myself: why carry on with costly and sometimes exhausting treatments? Why not just throw in the towel? The answer is simple: I love living! And of course I am desperate to be able to stick around for my daughter and show her that she is worth going through thick and thin for. Which she is. Even in sickness life can be so meaningful and rewarding. And how would I ever have known how infinitely wonderful family, friends and strangers could be. This, and many other things, my illness has taught me. My desire to live and to love has only become  stronger over the last few years. I know I am just one person out of so many who have been dealt a bad hand. But. I. am. Simply. Not. Done. Yet. So I hope that those of you who have already donated will bear with me, and might pursue the alternative of sharing the link among your networks so that the collection process might become broader."

For more info about Dr. Vogl’s merits and treatments please use the following link:

Below, you can read about the course of Solveig's illness and about the necessary treatment.



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Our warm and heartfelt thanks,

Kirsten Munk (+45 41851099 ) and Emma Bateman (+44 7976602039 )


BACKGROUND INFORMATION:                             


Diagnostic status: Breast cancer

Stage: II

Treatments: Mastectomy, adjuvant chemotherapy (CEF) and radiotherapy, followed up by a 5 year treatment with antihormones.



Diagnostic status: Metastatic breast cancer Affected areas: Bones

Stage: IV

Treatments: Antihormones: Tamoxifen, Letrozole, Faslodex. Antibody: Xgeva



Diagnostic status: Metastatic breast cancer. Affected areas: Bones and liver

Stage: IV

Treatments: Systemic Chemotherapy: Taxotere, Taxol, Xeloda. Targeted therapies: TACE, LITT. Antihormones: Tamoxifen



Diagnostic status: Discovery of 10+ new liver metastases, Scheduled: Liver biopsy with aims to determine the current status of the cancer in order to select relevant treatments and trials in the future.  

Stage: IV 

Treatments: Systemic Chemotherapy: Vinorelbin. Targeted therapy: TACE


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