The cancer is aggressively back - support and help Solveig Sandnes continue the course of treatment in Germany that is effective and prolonging her life

Dear Friends,

We are back to ask for your help and support again. As a result of your kindness, Solveig has been able to get treated by Professor Thomas Vogl, a highly respected radiologist providing targeted cancer therapies based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Through our previous two campaigns we have collected € 27.000, all of which has been spent strictly on treatment costs.
We launched the current campaign in May 2017 after it became known that the cancer is aggressively back in Sol’s liver.

In the meantime, Solveig took part in a promising medical trial. Sadly, a recent scan reveals that the trial has not been successful. Therefore she now turns to Vogl’s treatments again. We should point out that the cancer has not returned in any of the areas previously treated by Dr. Vogl and this is why Solveig remains hopeful that the fight is not over.Her next treatment with Vogl is scheduled for December 19th, and she will be needing monthly treatments for a long time to come.

The average cost of a treatment with Dr. Vogl is € 4600 including travelling costs.

So we are now asking you again for donations to Solveig’s treatment. We do so humbly aware that you will all know others in need of support. But we just want our wonderful friend to have the best chance of being around for us all and her family for as long as possible and any donation, however small, helps make that happen.

The campaign will be running until the end of 2017. We know that many of you have donated before, and we are incredibly thankful for that. Another way of contributing could be sharing the link with your network. Everything counts!

For more info about Dr. Vogl’s merits and treatments please use the following link:


We are using the Caremaker for donations, as it is a secure way to give money. Donations will be shown in Danish Kroner, but anyone with a Visa card or MasterCard (Eurocard and Maestro card) can make a donation.

As at 06/12/2017: 100 Danish Kroner = 13,44 EUROS/ 11.87 GBP

Click the blue "Giv Bidrag" button to the right or bellow to donate.

Currency (Danish kr./UK GBP):

300 kr. = 35 GBP

500 kr. = 59 GBP

800 kr. = 94 GBP

1000 kr. = 117,50 GBP

If you have any queries then please call us!

Our warm and heartfelt thanks,

Kirsten Munk (+45 41851099 ) and Emma Bateman (+44 7976602039 )


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